About Us

Archimax Futuristic Hardware Solutions Private Limited

Our solution is more energy efficient than the current ones available in the market. Also our solutions have large applications and everyone can use it either at their house, office, public ultility areas, corporate houses/buildings, hotels, hospitals etc etc. We have vast experience in this feild and also have large market penetration capability. Most of this tech is unexplored in the market currently. The raw materials of our products also are more than 90% locally procured hence helping Indian industry and saving cost for us. Also most parts are manufactured by us at our own factory hence avoiding supply disruptions. 


We have our own raw material and mould supply chain also thereby making our product more efficient and reliable. We have been using this supply chain since many years now. Our products are all efficiently made and cost of production is really low for us in most products as compared to the current market. Having inhouse machines to cover many stages of production helps in reducing the cost of production. Since the cost of production is less, we are confident to be able to sell in the market at decent profits. Also considering the vast market for these products, we are also confident of achieving good turnover.